Community Building is an essential part of ICO Marketing

Building a successful Blockchain project starts at the grassroots level. Despite attracting mainstream attention in 2018, the crypto world is still a closely-knit community of developers, small-scale investors, and supporters that tend to move around in the same online circles. Winning these influencers over in the months leading up to your ICO is essential to ensure that your project generates enough buzz prior to the launch.

With the Blockchain community growing exponentially, hype tends to spread like wildfire. Engaging with followers online can dramatically expand your reach, in addition to developing brand representatives who will promote your project to their friends and family. All this attention is essential to capture the attention of crypto investors eager to fund your big idea.

How to Build Your Following Organically

The first step towards generating buzz around your ICO project is to reach out to the target market. This can be done by creating and maintaining an active presence on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as blogging and sharing content over Medium, Reddit, and LinkedIn. Along with social media engagement, you should focus on publishing informative content that helps readers further understand your project.

Importance of Telegram

Many ICO marketing campaigns also use chat programs to create a direct line of communication between their team and supporters. Of these apps, Telegram is by far the most popular for giving real-time ICO updates and answering questions related to your project

Maintaining a chat group is great for increasing customer engagement and attracting investors, but they do require a lot of upkeep. There needs to be a moderator available 24/7 to prevent your channel from being flooded with spam and con artists pretending to be team members in order to defraud people of their investment money

After you’ve built an initial following, you can use bounty contests to expand your influence further. Bounties are incentive programmes that reward loyal customers when they onboard new members. Projects like OPEN Platform and SuchApp have had experienced significant growth because of their bounty programs

Every Solid ICO Project was Built from the Ground Up

The success of your ICO project depends on the effort you put in to engage followers. You should create meaningful content, answer questions diligently and participate in crypto-related discussion groups’ online daily. Your goal should be to make your followers feel as if they are part of the team. Bounty contests, Telegram groups, and social media engagement all help build a community that values your project and are will to contribute to your token sale

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