White Paper Creation

A White Paper is at the heart of any ICO project. Millions of dollars can be raised on the strength of a well-written and carefully crafted White Paper

Our expert White Paper writers have a background in investment banking and corporate finance and have written hundreds of Investment Memoranda and Prospectuses for successful IPO’s and VC fundraisings. They are also fully au fait with all of the regulatory requirements and technical aspects for ICO token sales

The success of most prominent ICOs can be attributed to the quality of the White Paper as well as the founding team

The White Paper – A Prerequisite to a successful Crypto Project

At the time of a token Crowdsale, you may not have a product, an audience or any traction. Most of the entrepreneurs or founding teams can’t afford to hire Blockchain engineers. They depend on money generated through the Initial Coin Offering to fund often the very high salaries required by experienced Blockchain engineers and product developers. Thus, the only tangible thing they may have at the time of a Token launch is a White Paper that also acts as their Prospectus or Investment Memorandum in many jurisdictions

Writing an excellent White Paper is a prerequisite to a successful crypto project

Whilst writing a White Paper for an ICO, we make a balance between the technical and business aspects of your project implementation. We understand that it is vital to inspire the tech-enthusiast community & traders as well as to gain traction amongst users of your product. Backing from end users of the yet-to-be-developed product can be a dream for teams spearheading the Initial Coin Offering. Thus, we invest a significant amount of time in writing a White Paper that attracts both the active Blockchain community as well as end users

ICO White Paper Template

There is no universal or prescribed format or template for a White Paper. The structure of a White Paper depends entirely on the nature of your project. Some organizations prefer to have a highly technical and detailed White Paper whilst others prefer to adopt a marketing or commercial lead approach to attract non-tech-savvy investors as well. Thus, the selection of White Paper style is dependent on your target audience.

However, all ICO White Papers should contain the following items, at least:

  • An Abstract
  • The Problem or challenges facing the existing market
  • The Solution and Product
  • Project Implementation – How and why tokens work with the project. The technical, economic and legal aspects of the tokens
  • Why Investors should put their money into the project
  • ICO Tokenomics and Rules
  • The team and advisors
  • Token Deployment and Future Plans
  • Executive Summary

An ICO White Paper might have 20-40 pages depending on the nature of your project. It must contain the necessary details required to answer technical and non-technical questions by prospective token buyers

A White Paper should be authentic and provide credible information. Visual depiction of facts and figures is critical. Ensure that the document looks attractive and helps readers to understand the subject matter quickly.

ICO White Paper Writing Services from Experts

We have a team of technical experts and native writers who will bring your ideas to life with a compelling project plan. We make sure that your content is original and free from any plagiarism or grammatical errors. Although revision requests are rare, we work on feedback and guarantee to deliver content to the full satisfaction of our clients

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